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We will no longer reply to google reviews and here’s why:

 While google provides a valuable service to customers to post about their experiences, the people who are writing reviews on our page are not customers. Our customers are the properties that we provide a valuable service to. The people writing review for us are those who have violated rules at one of our contracted properties and have had their vehicle towed against their wishes also known as a nonconsensual tow. In this circumstance, there is no outcome where we will have a 5-star review. A few people have posted 3 star reviews and I appreciated the honest feedback and took it to heart but an overwhelming majority of the people we experience who post 1-star reviews are people who are doing so out of spite. They take no responsibility for their actual actions, whether that be cussing out my staff, making threats verbally, or acting aggressively in person. If you take the entire history of our reviews into consideration, you will see that prior to performing nonconsensual tows, we never dropped below 5-stars. We received hundreds of 5-stars reviews in less than 2 years. The same staff that everyone loved is now the same staff that everyone loves to hate. In lieu of google responses to spiteful comments, please see the below responses to common issues. 

Pick up procedures:

Releases are performed by appointment only. If you do not have an appointment, you will need to contact the office to obtain one so you can receive the necessary information to be able to retrieve your vehicle. This will help save you time when you come to retrieve your vehicle and help the staff on scene operate efficiently. While we have every intention of arriving to your appointment on time, there are circumstances where this will not be the case. This is rare and, in these circumstances, management will intervene. Under no circumstance has this been seen to be an ongoing issue based on management audits which are performed weekly.

If you are not the registered owner or do not have the requested authorization from the registered owner, you will not be able to retrieve the vehicle. If the vehicle is not registered in your name, but you drive it every day, then for our purposes, that is not your vehicle. Please do not give staff a hard time when they advise you that we need to speak with the registered owner as it will be the only way to move forward.

To retrieve your vehicle, you must have ONE of the several documents that are requested. If you are unable to provide common documentation such as a current registration, current insurance card, title and some other exceptions, please do not take this situation out on staff. Having one of the provided documents is policy and we will not be able to move forward with your release without it. We will not accept items that are not provided by staff as an option. You will not be transferred to management because you do not want to or cannot comply with the list of items we provide.

If your vehicle has been towed, you will need to come retrieve your vehicle in person. We will not tow your vehicle back to the property nor will staff be able to tell you how you can get to our location other than to provide the address. You will be responsible for making your own arrangements, we are aware that your primary vehicle may have been towed and that this may be an inconvenience for you.

We are glad to review with you why your vehicle was towed and explain the rules of the property if you have any confusion or need clarification. Enforcement of these rules does not make us scammers, thieves, or deem the tow illegal or predatory. It is not insulting to say we are in this for the money as we are a very proud business that supports the livelihood of several people including active military staff. Unless you work for a non-profit, the job that pays you is no different than us.

If you are a resident you will have received detailed information about the property rules. If you are a visitor, the resident is responsible for advising you of the rules of the property. If the resident you are visiting does not provide that information to you please do not take that our on my staff.  

Once you arrive for your appointment, only the registered owner, or authorized party will be allowed on property. Following the advisement of staff is necessary in order to move your appointment forward. If you arrive on property in a hostile manner, then we will reserve the right to cancel your appointment, and or respond accordingly to ensure the safety of staff. We are often met with threats and aggression so we understand that you may say things because you are mad in that moment but there needs to be an understanding that there are also those who act upon these statements so we treat all circumstances the same. Please do not treat my staff harshly or threaten them and then ask for me or my management team to entertain your complaint.


Under no circumstances will you be able to call in and speak with the owner, I am not aware of any business where you are able to do just that, yet this is a constant request. If you have an actual complaint about service and you were not verbally abusive to staff or threatening in nature you are welcome to send an email to and someone from management will respond accordingly. We receive very few complaints to our email vs what’s posted publicly and to me this speaks volumes.

If you have a damage complaint, you are welcome to provide your name, the make and model of your vehicle, date of release and photos supporting your claim. When we do receive emails, they often have no photos or information and I am not sure how we will be able to service you without them. Once we investigate and respond, which most often is that your damage was pre-existing, please do not go on public forums and state that we caused damage we did not do. We average less than one claim per year on and off the books. All trucks and staff have cameras. If you post a public claim of damage that we did not cause, we will respond with the necessary legal actions as these comments are defamatory.

Because the staff does not tell you what you want to hear, does not make us rude. All too often when reviewing calls, what is being called rude is non acceptance of our policies and procedures. You will not be transferred to a manager because you do not agree with the pick-up policy for your vehicle. That policy has been implemented by me and is required to be enforced by staff. The only option to move your transaction forward efficiently is to comply with the requests of staff. We offer a long list of exceptions, above and beyond what we are actually required to.

If you were towed for not paying for your parking, you will need to contact the vendor who provides the parking registration service. My staff cannot help you further in this regard as we are not responsible for taking or reporting your payment history. We are only enforcing what is being reported by the vendor. You are responsible for making sure your vehicle is properly registered.

It is our policy to end any phone calls where staff is being verbally abused If you have been hung up on, at that point staff has already asked you to discontinue speaking to them in the manner you were speaking and you are welcomed to call back when the conversation can be productive. This is more than reasonable and will allow us to service others who are calling in and are able to move forward without issue. In extreme situations, we may tell you that your continued actions will caused you to be blocked. While some may deem this as being rude, the reality is that those who call continuously to purposely impede our business and this blocks the staff from being able to service others. This rule was implemented after someone called 41 times over 35 minutes and several incoming calls were unable to be completed. Please conduct yourself in the same manner in which you want to be treated and I assure you that you will receive the same.

We are not a company that is against growth, and we welcome any constructive feedback that is based in a truthful experience. If you have a complaint that is not due to one of the above circumstances listed, please contact my management team at  

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